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Is the open, inclusive policy of the United States government hurting America’s towns, cities, states, and American citizens?

Yes.  Look at this link to bankrupting towns and cities of the United States of America:


Towns and cities  do not just go bankrupt without a reason.  There is always a cause. 

Why is this important for Christians to discuss?

If your town becomes bankrupt and lays you off from your job, then you may foreclose on your house and you may go under the poverty line and suffer unemployment.  If you are a Christian (and most people in the USA are!), then your becoming unemployed or homeless will directly affect Christian churches.

You won’t be able to donate to the church building funds.  The pastor may not have adequate salary as many in his congregation become unemployed or homeless.  

What happens in your town directly is related to your job and your possibly becoming homeless.

Too many Christians in the United States of America are becoming homeless.

The cause can be related to the open, inclusive policy of the federal government of the United States of America, which is still in place under Establishment Republicans (ER) and Establishment Democrats (ER).  Your family, your children, and your Christian church is, in essence, directly under threat from today’s open, inclusive policy of the US federal government.

What has contributed to America’s decline:

(1) Free Trade:  Yes, it helps poor countries like China or Mexico to become rich.   (Now, China is number one because of Free Trade, which transferred America’s wealth to Chinese citizens.)  But Free Trade hurts American citizens.  It is simply bad trade!

Who signed the free trade agreement with China?  Bill Clinton.  It is the single cause that is directly responsible for America’s poverty, right now.

Why then do not current politicians oppose Free Trade?  Because current politicians benefit financially from Free Trade, and they rather profit off the suffering of the American people.  Foreign nations give bribes, prostitutes (“loose women”), backdoor payments, business deals for relatives, etc. to keep America’s politicians loyal to “Free Trade”.  Kickbacks can be enticing and most Establishment Republicans (ER) and Establishment Democrats (ER) could care less if you go homeless or jobless, as long as they get theirs.  It is unfortunate.  Read the Book of Amos about how such social environment came to exist in ancient Israel.

(2) Open policy toward people of other religions.  Logically speaking, if a bunch of Muslims come to your town from the Middle East as immigrants and get a job at local K Mart or Walmart, then there is less job for you and your children.  This is simple addition and subtraction.

Look at this math problem:

1000 (Jobs) – 200 (Muslims getting jobs) = 800 (Jobs left)

The city’s African-American population is 1000 (Job seekers).

1000 (AA Job seekers) – 800 (jobs left) = 200 (AA without jobs)

If the 200 Muslims were not allowed to immigrate into your town/city, then all African-Americans who are US citizens will have jobs in that area.

Do you see the simple math?

Solving the unemployment problem in your city or inner-city or rural area necessarily involves closing immigration (particularly by Muslims).

Open policies of Clinton, Bush, and Obama have hurt all American citizens, but particularly the working class whites and poor African-Americans.  How?

(1) Free Trade shipped working class factory jobs to China and Mexico.  Americans lost jobs in their town as factories moved outside USA.  No jobs in the city meant, foreclosure of houses and homelessness.  Not all can relocate; relocation costs money.

(2) New Muslim immigrants took jobs away from poor whites and poor African-Americans.  They become homeless. Some take money from the Food Stamp system.  If these American citizens could have jobs, then they would help with American cities revival, but many foreign nationals flooding America’s cities are taking jobs away from American citizens who have been in the USA since the Slavery Days.

(3) Managers who are of other religions.  Muslims, Hindus, Jews do not want to hire Bible-believing Christians.  This is a serious problem since many of America’s major corporations now have people of other religions as managers and CEO’s.


(1) Coca Cola CEO:  Ahmet Muhtar Kent  (citizenship:  Turkey and USA)

(2) Microsoft Corp:  Satya Narayana Nadella (Hindu from India)

(3) Pepsi Cola:  Indira Noory (Indian – Tamil)

The open policy of the US federal government in belittling America’s Christian population (both white and black) is actively encouraging hiring foreign nationals and people of other religions to top positions in US corporations and government positions.  That is why there is not a single evangelical Christian in the US Supreme Court.

US federal government’s hatred of evangelical Christians is showing itself in official laws and policy.  

Evangelical Christians are blocked out from high-paying jobs and leadership positions.

Do you honestly think that there are not competent evangelical Christians to be CEO of Coca Cola or Microsoft?  

The establishment is trying to block out evangelical Christians from every fabric of American life:  Government.  Education.  Business.

If you are a Bible-believing Christian, then you must fear for the future of your children.  And your future will be very dismal as well.

Regime Change is necessary.  It can come about by elections in 2016 at local, state, and federal levels, and by other means.