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Why is it important for all Christians in Virginia and New Jersey to vote against the Democratic Party in 2017?

The Democratic Party is the party that supports Satan’s agenda for America.

The Democratic Party wants gay marriage and transgender rights, which God hates, as it is clearly shown in the Holy Bible.

Voting for the Democratic Party is voting for Satan.  Those who vote for pro-gay marriage / pro-transgender rights Democratic Party should not be considered true Christians.

Of course, only God knows whether someone is truly saved, but if someone is willing to vote for a pro-Satan political party, like the Democratic Party that pushes homosexuality in America, then they cannot be truly Christian.

You should treat those who vote for Democratic Party as not true Christians, since ye shall know them by their fruit.

Could the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran escalate into World War 3?

You are concerned because of Saudi Arabia’s Air Force bombing Iran Embassy in Yemen, right?


Any conflict can escalate into World War 3.

Among the Super Powers, on the one side, you have United States and on the other side, you have Russia and China, who are allies.

United States is allied with Saudi Arabia, and Russia/China are allied with Iran.

Since North Korea is allied with China and Russia, they can supply Iran with weapons, the way United States supply Saudi Arabia with weapons.


To establish balance of power among the Super Powers, Russia and China are selling weapons to Iran.


Iran can acquire nuclear bombs from Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, and in the Black Market, where former nuclear bombs from the former USSR are present.


Religion is a serious impetus for war in history of humankind.

The greatest prolonged killing in Europe resulted from the Protestant Reformation.



Besides the battlefield, ideological warfare between Protestant Christians in the United States and UK and Catholics around the world is not abating.


Not all theological debates are polite.  Many of American Protestants and British/Canadian Protestants believe that the Anti-Christ in the Book of Revelations will be the Pope.


Most church-going Protestant Christians believe that all Roman Catholics are going to eternal damnation in Hell, because they are not truly born-again.

Catholic church leaders in 2016 America recognize that many of America’s Protestant Christians assume that all Catholics will go to Hell.

Protestant leaders who embrace Catholicism or Catholic leaders are ostracized from the Protestant Christian environments.  In other words, the quickest way to lose legitimacy as a Protestant Christian leader is to embrace or hug Catholicism.

Listen to one of the most influential Protestant Christian leaders criticize Catholicism:

For most Protestant Christians, the  very existence of the Pope and the Vatican is an abomination.

All Bible-believing Protestant Christians are agreed with Rev. MacArthur that Roman Catholics are all going to eternal damnation in Hell.

Many Protestant Christians do not believe that the Protestant Reformation that started in 1517 is over, yet:

This Protestant Christian perception dominates among Protestant Christians in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

Protestant Christians in India and other parts of Asia (Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.) all assume that 100% of Catholics are going to eternal damnation in Hell, because they are not truly born again.

In other words, the world’s 1,000,000,000 Protestant Christians all assume that Catholics are going to eternal damnation in Hell because they are not truly born again Christians.

Thus, Protestant Christians are all seeking to convert Roman Catholics to Christ.

The strongest Protestant Christian force in Latin America is Pentacostalism.  Many Roman Catholics in Latin America are converting to Protestant Christianity through Pentacostalism.

And many Latinos/Hispanics in the United States are evangelical Christians, who converted from Catholicism.

Most Hispanic evangelical Christians may have political disagreements, but they are mostly agreed that all Roman Catholics are going to Hell.

Religious divide is far more immutable than political ones.

Thus, Saudi Arabia and Iran conflict can escalate and lead to a world war.  That should not surprise anyone in the West, given the history of Western civilization.

Protestantism is continuing to exert its power in the western world in traditionally Catholic areas, and this is by intention and premeditated converstion/proselytism efforts, targeting Catholics and Catholic communities.

In a similar way, you have to assume that such things are happening in the Muslim world.