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Why is it important for all Christians in Virginia and New Jersey to vote against the Democratic Party in 2017?

The Democratic Party is the party that supports Satan’s agenda for America.

The Democratic Party wants gay marriage and transgender rights, which God hates, as it is clearly shown in the Holy Bible.

Voting for the Democratic Party is voting for Satan.  Those who vote for pro-gay marriage / pro-transgender rights Democratic Party should not be considered true Christians.

Of course, only God knows whether someone is truly saved, but if someone is willing to vote for a pro-Satan political party, like the Democratic Party that pushes homosexuality in America, then they cannot be truly Christian.

You should treat those who vote for Democratic Party as not true Christians, since ye shall know them by their fruit.

Is not national unity important in light of all the terrorism?

It is important to remember that only Christ Jesus, the King of kings and the LORD of lords, can give true peace, freedom, and security.  Any kind of unity must in Jesus Christ.

In other words, national unity does not secure a nation, unless it is done under the banner of the Cross of the LORD Jesus Christ.  All other kinds of national unity is in vein — useless.

You must remember that when Jesus Christ ministered in his own Jewish nation of Israel, Jesus Christ did not try to create unity with His national leaders.  In fact, Jesus Christ constantly attacked Israel’s leaders.

Jesus Christ attacked political and religious leaders of the Jewish nation of Israel, because they did not submit to His rule and His plan of redemption.

It is important that Jesus Christ lived in a very unstable times, and His national leaders called for national unity.  But Jesus Christ refused to go along with His national leaders, but rather, Jesus Christ attacked His nation Israel’s leaders.

Jesus Christ, thereby, shows Christians in America and other nations around the world how Christians are to act vis-a-vis their national government.  If their national government stands against the Bible and Jesus Christ’s plan of salvation, then the Christians in that nation are to fight against national unity, just as Jesus Christ HImself did and taught His disciples to.

In other words, it is a crime against God to teach unity in a nation that creates laws against the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ’s plan of salvation.

Since the United States government is currently forcing all 50 states to abide by gay marriage laws of the US Supreme Court, every true Christian in the United States of America must fight against national unity, just as Jesus Christ taught in the Gospels in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

Gospel Truth must prevail in America’s true Christian churches and among America’s true Christians.