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Why is President Trump’s approval rating higher?

President Trump’s approval rating has gone from 35% to 42% because the American people like the fact that President Trump is putting America, first, and placing tariffs against China, Canada, and other countries in order to strengthen America’s blue color workers and American manufacturing companies.

Americans are sick and tired of politicians giving Amreican wealth away to China and other foreign countries.

President Trump striking back at foreign chomping up of American wealth through tariffs is gaining the favor of the American people.

Americans love President Trump deliveing one-two punch in terms of tariffs against China.

American people like the fact that President Trump is issuing tariffs against foreign nations and keeping his promises to the American people that he made during his Inaugural Address.

Americans want more aggressive tariffs against China.

More tariffs President Trump issues against Asian countries, more popular President Trump will become.

President Trump needs to hold “America First!” rallies throughout United States of America.

This will help 2018 mid-term elections for the Republicans.

It is President Trump’s duty to deliver the knock out punch against China on behalf of American workers in all 50 states, by issuing tariff after tariff against China and other Asian countries.

President Trump and US Senators must put America, first, by issuing tariffs and protecting American workers and American manufacturing.

The way the Republicans can win 2018 elections is to stand firm against foreign manufacturing and put America first, by issuing tariff against tariff in every industry.

American manufacturing must be revived to create more jobs in America and bring wealth back to American workers.

It is Christian duty for US politicians to put American citizens, first, because the nation has a responsibility to its citizens, first and foremost.

President Trump is practicing due diligence by putting America first and issuing tariffs against foreign nations.

Is Trump’s victory an indictment of the Obama legacy?

Yes.  Resounding support of Donald Trump is an evidence that the American people are sick of Barack Obama and his policies.

Donald Trump is Anti-Obama.

The fact that Donald Trump won shows that the American people are rejecting Barack Obama.

Despite all the attacks by Obama, Trump won all the states in the past couple weeks.

Choosing Trump is rejecting Obama for most Americans.

Don’t forget, the conflict between Trump and Obama are very public and open and well-covered by the media.

Obama, the liberal media, and establishment politicians just do not get it.  The American people are not happy with what they are doing.   That is why Donald Trump won by landslide, state after state!

Donald Trump openly attacks Donald Trump, and the American people love it.  They are voting for him!

Cause and Effect.  Trump attacks Obama (cause) leading to Trump wins (effect).  It is because Trump attacks Obama constantly that he is winning.

The media just does not get it.