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Is it necessary for preachers to preach against voting for Democrats during Sunday sermons?

Yes, Christian pastors must preach about the role of the Christian voter in society.

You cannot separate Christianity and society because Jesus Christ demanded making disciples of all nations in the Great Commission.

Christian obligation to stop baby-killing through abortion must be preached actively during Sunday sermons.

An important way to stop baby-killing through abortion is to vote against Democrat politicians during elections.

So, it is absolutely necessary for Christian pastors to preach against voting for Democrat politicians during Sunday sermons.

Is it right for FBI to go after Hillary Clinton?

Yes.  Hillary Clinton is a serious threat to the future of the American people and America’s Christianity.

Hillary Clinton was to trample down on the majority of American Christians and elevate Muslims, homosexuals, and “minorities” at the expense of the majority of Americans who are followers of Christ.


Is Islamicization a problem for Europe and America?

Muslim terrorists have hit the “Capital of Europe”.  Brussels is a capital city that is under siege.  A resident of Brussels, Belgium, now lives with the understanding that a bomb may go off on their way to work, anywhere.  Subways are no way safe, because any Muslim Terrorist can strike and kill at any time.

This is no surprise.  Islamicization of Brussels is a fact.  Open welcoming of Islam and Muslim refugees by the European Union has caused Europe to be susceptible to Islamic terrorism.

The reason that Donald Trump is winning, right now, is that the American people understand that Islamicization is a real threat for American citizens.  Donald Trump’s vocal opposition against Muslims coming into the United States of America is why Trump is winning the US Presidential race and will most likely become the next United States President.

The American people do not like Establishment Republicans (ER) and Establishment Democrats (ED) trying to dupe the American people into accepting Muslim “refugees”, which will bring in hidden terrorists and dilute the Christian culture in America by increasing the concentration of Muslism and Islam in the United States of America.

Many of these Establishment Republicans (ER) and Establishment Democrats (ER) will be voted out of their political office (at local, state, and federal levels) in November 2016, when the will of the American people will assert itself in the American democratic political process, in which every American has a voice in the direction that the nation is going.  Concerned Americans who have never voted before will vote this November 2016 just to vote out pro-Islam Establishment Republicans (ER) and Establishment Democrats (ED), who they consider to be a very serious threat to their family’s security and their children’s future.

Americans do not want Islamicization of America!

The majority of Joe Americans and Jane Americans want a Christian America.

The elite few in the Establishment do not understand the American people, who work hard in their daily jobs and want safety and security for their children.  Hard working Americans do not want Islamicization of America.

Ted Cruz is also popular among the American people because Ted Cruz is taking a tough stance against Muslims and Islam.  The American people do not want to suffer the same Islamic Terrorism as liberal Brussels, Belgium.

Hillary Clinton is pro-Islam.  Hillary Clinton endangers the lives of ordinary American citizens.  That is why Hillary Clinton is soft on Islamic Terrorism and wants to help in Islamicization of America.  That is why there is such an anti-Hillary Clinton hatred in all 50 states of America, especially among white women, single mothers who want to protect their children from Islamicization and Islamic Terrorism.

Do you want this woman to be your next US President?  Do you want your children to be hit by terrorism or be converted to Islam?

It is a Christian duty to oppose the election of such a pro-Islam political candidate as Hillary Clinton.  In other words, it is God’s Will that you oppose Hillary Clinton not only with your votes but also in the public media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and in your conversations with friends, family, and in churches.

Christian America must be protected from Islamic Terrorism.

What is the worst thing to happen in the 2016 US Presidential Elections from the perspective of Christianity?

From the vantage point of Christianity, the very worst thing that can happen in the 2016 US Presidential Elections is for Hillary Clinton to become the United States President.

Hillary Clinton is an avowed and fanatic secular feminist.

Such fanatic secular feminism has led the country down the road of destruction.

These secular feminists want to teach 12 year old how to have sex and provide them with contraceptives, so that they can experiment with sex.  Obviously, Planned Parenthood has destroyed more women’s lives than all the wars that America has fought since the founding of the nation.  And Planned Parenthood and secular fanatic feminists, like Hillary Clinton, is the reason why so many of America’s women have gone away from Jesus Christ and Christianity.

If a fanatic secular feminist, like Hillary Clinton, is elected United States President, then you can bet that United States of America will descend more and more into chaos, debauchery, immorality, and destruction.

Hillary Clinton supports killing babies (abortion)!

Hillary Clinton supports homosexual life-style and legalizing all forms of homosexuality.

Hillary Clinton is a bad mother because she approved of her daughter marrying a non-Christian (a Jew).  A true Christian mother will not approve of her child marrying a non-Christian.

Fanatical secular feminism has fueled the rate of divorce in the United States of America and broke up many good families and brought much unhappiness to millions of American citizens.

All true Christians should not only pray that Hillary Clinton lose the elections, but they should also work hard to make sure the Hillary Clinton loses the Democratic primaries.

This is the first right step in bringing the Democratic Party back to Christian principles.  Why should the Democratic Party continue to be identified as the party that supports killing of babies and forces homosexuality onto American society?

The Democratic Party must be reformed and brought back to its Christian roots.

This must start with the overwhelming defeat of Hillary Clinton, who supports baby-killing (abortion) and gay marriage laws.