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Should Christians send their sons to Marines and US Special Forces?

Yes, it is important to have their good Christian children be trained in the latest war tactics and art of war.  For, the Holy Bible is very clear about the Armageddon War that will come in the Last Days.  Christians will need to fight a real physical war using weapons.  To win this Great War, Christians need to be trained to fight to win.

Thus, true Christians must send their sons to the US Marines and US Special Forces to be trained to kill and to use the most advanced weapons.

When the War of Armageddon comes, there must be Christians prepared to wage war at the highest skill level and win.

This is very important part of Bible prophecy.  Christians who follow the Book of Revelations must prepare for the upcoming War of Armageddon.

Use resources available in the United States, such as signing your children for ROTC programs, US Marine Corp, Police Academy, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, etc.

War of Armageddon will be a very sophisticated war with latest weapons and technology.  Christians must be prepared for the War of Armageddon that is prophesied in the Bible.

Will God give victory to the United States over ISIS?

Well, let’s look back at history.

Who won the Crusades?

Christians lost the Christian Crusades against the Muslims.  In other words, the Muslims kicked Christian butts in a series of holy wars that Christians pushed for as a global united alliance.

Obviously, God (the Holy Trinity) gave the victory to the Muslims, because victory comes from the LORD.

But why would God allow infidels to defeat Christian believers?

The answer is simple.

God did not want Jerusalem’s Temple Mount to fall into the hands of the Jews.  God knew that if God gave the victory to the Christians of Europe, then they would eventually hand Israel over to the Jews and the Temple Mount as well.  Then, the Jews would build the Third Jerusalem Temple.

God did not want this.

Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and His coming ends the period of the Temple.  The Jerusalem Temple is no longer needed.  More importantly, God does not want the Jerusalem Temple to be built, because it was the leaders of the Jerusalem’s Temple who decided to kill Jesus Christ in official judiciary proceedings in the Sanhedrin (Jewish Supreme Court).

Thus, God gave victory to the Muslims and ended a lot of lives of true Christian soldiers, who dedicated their lives to the worship of God and to fighting what they thought were the enemies of God.

But God’s true enemies are the Jews, who killed Jesus Christ, and the Jerusalem Temple, and not the Muslims.

Enemy of your enemy is your friend, so goes the saying.

Since Jews are God’s enemies (having killed God’s Only Begotten Son, according to the Gospels), the enemies of the Jews (namely, Muslims) are God’s “friends”, at least insofar as earthly wars are concerned.

It is important to learn from history, since history is “His Story” (God’s Story), in which God’s plan unfolds.

Those who do not learn from history will repeat it.

As long as the United States of America allies itself with the Jewish nation of Israel, which is the enemy nation of God the Father, God will give victories after victories to Muslims.

And that is what we have, today.

United States kills Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda grows in power and in land influence.  Yemen falls to Al Qaeda and US forces are left to flee and Americans abandon the US Embassy in Yemen.

United States kills Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, and Lybia is delivered (by the Holy Trinity) into the hands of Muslim Fundamentalists, who kills the US Ambassador and controls Libya as a center for Holy War against Europe and the USA.  Remember the Crusades?

ISIS is growing, because God is allowing it to grow.

Romans 13 clearly shows that all earthly authority has been given by God.  ISIS is a part of God’s plan.

What plan might that be?

Only history will tell.

But American citizens can have a good idea what is coming to American soil in the very near future.

Can you honestly think that millions of Muslims can be blocked from making the United States of America into a type of Iraq?

Since USA has committed to messing up the Middle East and creating chaos, there, logically it is safe to assume that the chaos there will spread to the USA, especially as USA gets involved in the mess more and more.

It is a global community.

Will God protect America?

Hell, no!  Not when America disrespects the Holy Trinity and opposes the Word of God, by legalizing gay marriage and protecting homosexuals by law.

God used Babylonians to wipe out the Chosen Nation Israel.  And the Bible states that God had created Babylon into a great power in order to accomplish His judgment against Israel.

Just read Isaiah and Jeremiah in the Bible.

Now, God will punish America for legalizing gay marriage and bring judgment against America’s Christians for tolerating such laws.

What manner will God use to bring divine judgment against American citizens?

What do you think?

You should certainly not rule out ISIS.  ISIS is actually a part of ancient Babylon.  Ironic, no?

Just read through the Book of Revelations and carefully read through the prophecies, with these facts in mind.

As long as America supports the Jews and homosexuals, God will give victory to Muslims, just like God allowed Babylonians to literally destroy Israel and decimate the Jewish population.

(Babylonians did not know that they were serving God’s judgment; they just thought that they were fighting wars for their own interests.  But God works in mysterious ways…..)