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Should Catholic churches preach against voting for pro-abortion politicians?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary in the eyes of God the Father that Catholic priests, Orthodox clergy, and Protestant preachers preach against voting for pro-abortion politicians in any party because abortion is baby killing.

Voting for pro-abortion politician is voting for baby killing, and God will hold that voter responsible for the killing of the innocent babies.

Jesus Christ addressed politics of His society in preaching and constantly preached for the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth.

It is necessary for Christian leaders to provide specific guidance to vote against pro-abortion politicians in their Sunday preaching, because this is what God wants.

God wants Christians to make disciples of nations, and this happens by changing laws to follow God’s Law.

Will God punish black pastors who do not preach against homosexuality from the Sunday pulpit?

Yes, God will punish black pastors who do NOT preach against homosexuality from the Sunday pulpit at church, because God hates all homosexuals, as is clear in the Holy Bible.

Black communities, such as inner-city Atlanta, are poor because black churches do not stand with Jesus Christ against homosexuality, gay life-style, and gay rights.

Crime rates are rising in many poor black communities, because black churches are NOT right with God.

Black churches need to speak out against gay rights and gay marriage on Sundays.

God owns everything in the world, and God can get rid of poverty in black communities, but God refuses to bless black communities that vote Democrat when Democrats support gay rights and baby killing (abortion).

Government can’t save black people.  Only God can.  And God refuses to save black people, if black people support gay rights and gay marriage, which God hates.

Should Democrats vote against the Democratic Party to protect American citizens?


Every Democrat should vote against the Democratic Party on local, state, and federal levels, because the Democratic Party wants to hurt American citizens by protecting and promoting illegals.

Illegal immigrants are hurting current US citizens by sapping their resources.  That is what more and more Americans are becoming poor, every day.  You know a relative or a friend, who has lost a job or a house.  That’s what happens when 11,000,000 people sap resources (jobs, healthcare, social services)  from America and require increasing of taxes.

The future of American citizens will be bleak because illegal immigrants are sapping American resources.  Illegals must be deported, because legalizing them will encourage more illegal immigration.  Also, Law-Breaking should not be rewarded.  Giving citizens to illegals is rewarding law-breaking.

Illegals should be deported and legal immigration should be encouraged.

Deporting 11,000,000 illegals is social justice, because this will help 47,000,000 Americans who do not have adequate jobs.  Do the simple math.  11,000,000 illegals are holding jobs illegally – jobs that poor people can have.

If 11,000,000 illegals are deported immediately, then the number of 47,000,000 Americans under the poverty line will decrease to 36,000,000.

Helping poor American citizens is social justice.  Deporting illegals is important because it is providing social justice to American citizens who do not have jobs.  They can’t fight for themselves.  It is the responsibility of the US government, the state government, and the city government to fight for the rights of US citizens by using police and US military to expel illegals back to their own countries.

This is a very important part of social justice for the poor US citizens.

It is important for every Democrat to vote against the Democratic Party to protest the policies of the Democratic Party to promote illegal immigration by naturalizing illegals.

Justice demands that illegals be moved.  This is fairness for US citizens.  US citizens should be treated with fairness.

Currently, US government is being unfair to US citizens.

Anger against the US government among Democrats and Republicans is rising, because US government is being unfair to American citizens.  US government under the Democratic Party has allowed 11,000,000 illegals to sap from US taxes.  Every sector.  Public Transportation.  Health Care.  Social Services.  Education. Employment.  Jobs.  Etc.

The righteous anger of American citizens will continue to grow and grow unless the US government (state government or city government) does the right thing and seek out and deport illegals, thereby discouraging further illegal immigration.  This is the right thing to do under the eyes of God.

Americans should vote every Democratic politician out of office in order to restore America’s finances, social services, stronger education system, stronger economic system, stronger healthcare programs, etc.

11,000,000 plus illegals must be deported, but Democratic Party politicians want to give them citizenship and advertise:  “Come to our country illegally and sap our financial resources, and we will reward you by giving you citizenship!”