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Should Alabama voters vote for Roy Moore to send a message to liberal media?

The liberal media is on a witch hunt of conservative Christians and conservative politicians.  And liberal politicians try to bully conservative politicians into resigning merely with accusations that are not proven.  Today, liberal Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York said that President Trump should resign over mere allegations!  The liberal attack on conservatives is growing, every day!

Liberal media and liberal politicians are out of control!

Enough is enough!  Voters of Alabama need to send a strong message to liberal politicians and the liberal media that liberals bullying conservatives will not be tolerated!

It is important for Christians in Alabama to stand up for Christ, and this can be done by voting for Roy Moore for the US Senate, so that Bible faith can be defended.

The liberal media tries to make accusations into facts, which is absolutely wrong!  Accusations can be made in a lie.

Voters of Alabama need to send a strong message to the liberal media that conservative Christian faith is worth fighting for.  Voters of Alabama must vote for Roy Moore for the US Senate!


Does God hold Christians responsible for who they vote for?

The United States of America, like many western democracies, is a democracy.  This means that the power to govern rests with the citizens.

In this sense, the citizens are ultimately responsible for what their government does.

Elections are held so that those who disagree can vote against a politician, a party, or laws that they disagree with.

In a sense, it is a way to express your own responsibility before God.

Thus, it is a way to show God that you support God and God’s Will, by voting for a person who will govern the United States of America in the way that God wants the politician to govern the nation.

So, the answer to your question is “YES.”

God does hold you responsible for who you vote for.

If you vote intentionally for those who will push homosexuality onto your children and the population (such as Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders), then you are guilty before God in the way you voted.

You can always write in a political candidate’s name who you think should be voted in, if you do not like any of the politicians.