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Does God not like rich people?

One must understand that God is the owner of everything in the world.  God even owns every life on earth, and God can elongate life and God can prematurely end life.

Similarly, God gives wealth, and God takes away wealth.

Since God’s blessings often involve material wealth, as was the case in Abraham and King David, etc. etc., obviously God likes rich people.  God made them rich.

But God has expectations of rich people.  God wants rich people to use their money for the glory of God.  Rich people who do not use their wealth for God generally experience either loss of their wealth or tragedies (personal, health, family, psychological, friendship, etc.) that bring tremendous unhappiness, despite their wealth.

In 2015 America, a rich person who is wise will spend his or her money to fight homosexuality, since God hates homosexuality and God hates homosexuals, as it is clear in the New Testament and the Old Testament.  Those rich Christians who spend money to fight homosexuality, will be blessed by God.

But those rich Christians who do not use their money to fight homosexuality and overturn pro-gay marriage laws will either lose their wealth or experience great tragedies on personal, familial, health, psychological, friendship, etc. levels.

The Bible shows that evil spirit entered King Saul and tormented him psychologically, so that he did not find peace. Such punishment by God is psychological in nature.

God likes rich people who spend their money to glorify God.

But God does not like rich people who do not use their money to advance God and God’s Word in society.

Every rich Christian in America has a choice to make.  They can use their millions to overturn gay marriage laws at the federal and state levels, and enjoy their wealth and a long life, or they can refuse to spend their money to fight homosexuality in American society and experience God’s wrath and judgement in the format that God chooses.

To those whom God has given much, much is expected.

Rich Christians must use their wealth, effectively, to overturn gay marriage laws at local, state, and federal levels.

Their future happiness and wealth depend on it.

Do you think the flood in South Carolina is a punishment from God?

At least 5 people have died in South Carolina from foods, which is being called a “1000-year rain flood”.  See the article on CNN:


God is actually killing evangelical Christians, because evangelical Christians in South Carolina have betrayed Jesus Christ by not actively and publicly fighting gay marriage laws and homosexuality in the state of South Carolina.  God’s law demands death for homosexuals.  There is no ambiguity in the Bible about what God requires from national laws regarding homosexuality.  Homosexuals are to be illegalized, arrested, imprisoned/executed by national and state law.

Since South Carolina refuses to abide by God’s law as a state, God stands against South Carolina and residents of South Carolina.

God will continue to punish South Carolina, until Bob Jones University and South Carolina’s Christians comply with God’s law and aggressively and publicly push to illegalize homosexuality in South Carolina and overturn gay marriage laws at the national levels.

Wealthy Christian South Carolinans who do not spend their money fighting homosexuality and gay marriage laws will lose their wealth by the will of God.

All wealth used for the glory of God and for pushing God’s Law will become greater and greater, however.

Abraham in the Bible was a millionaire and became wealthier and wealthier because he obeyed God, even to the point of being willing to kill his son in obedience to the command of God.

It was also wrong to take down the Confederate Flag.  Slavery is not sin, and anyone who calls slavery sin stands against God’s Word.  The New Testament clearly defends the institution of slavery.  St. Paul sent a run-away slave back to his master and told him to serve his slave owner like he would Jesus Christ Himself.

Confederate Flag