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Will God Punish Black People If they Equate Black Equality with Gay Equality?

God will punish black people of America if black people as an ethnic group equate black rights with gay rights, because God of the Holy Bible hates all gay people as is clear from Romans 1 and Sodom and Gomorrah.

Any black church that stands with gay people will be abandoned by Jesus Christ as traitor to the Holy Bible, which is anti-gay.

All black Christians who speak up on behalf of gay rights risk eternal damnation in Hell, because any support for gay rights is betraying the Holy Bible and its emphasis attacking homosexuality (Romans 1).

God will NOT show mercy to black Christians who support gay rights and will punish black communities which stand with gay rights.

No black pastor should support gay rights on any level, because this angers God. God hates gay people as the New Testament and the Old Testament emphasizes.

Does Hillary Clinton’s defense of her husband’s womanizing ways hurt women?

Sex should only be in the context of marriage.

What was wrong with Bill Clinton is that he has sex with a lot of women who are not his wife.

Bill Clinton has a big history of sexual manipulation and abuse of women.

Bill Clinton has used his position of power to manipulate women to have sex with him.

Monica Lewinsky was a White House Intern – young and inexperienced, who could have been Bill Clinton’s daughter or niece.  What would happen if every intern is treated like Monika Lewinsky?

When Bill Cosby, a black man, is accused by white women is accused of sexual abuse, it is wrong, but when Bill Clinton, the most powerful man in the USA, is accused of sexual abuse, it is okay?

Sexual abuse is wrong, whether the man abusing the woman is black president or white president.

Toleration of Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse of women sends the wrong message to women all over the United States of America.  Should your daughter have sex with her boss because he is in the position of power and she may be afraid about her future?

Bill Clinton abused his positions of power to have sex with vulnerable women.  That should not be okay with fathers and brothers in America.  It should not be okay with women of America.

Sex outside of marriage is wrong, and many good women can be defiled and put in the path of harlotry because of sex abusers like Bill Clinton, who abuse his power to manipulate women under his authority.