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Why do Notre Dame University, Georgetown University, and other Catholic universities NOT taking stronger public stance against abortion?

Catholic universities have become accommodating to world’s value system and follow the fads of the society, rather than taking leadership on moral issues.

This is why Catholic universities, like Notre Dame University and Georgetown University, are being followers of world’s value system when it comes to abortion and are remaining silent.

Catholic universities supporting the Democratic Party that aggressively push abortion and baby killing angers God who has given the Ten Commandments.

Catholic universitis need to be braver about standing up for the Holy Bible and being the defender of the Christian faith.

Catholic universities must officially oppose abortion publicly and say, “This value is important to us, and those who oppose this value are not welcome at our universities to be professors.”

What values do Catholic universities stand for if they tolerate baby killing in society?

Catholic university leadership must support Christian value systems and opposing baby killing and abortion is fundamental to Christian value systems from all angles.

Because Catholic universities are NOT standing for Christian value systems, there are serious problems with its priests.

It is necessary to stand for Christian values against abortion and bar anyone who oppose this important Christian value opposing baby killing.

Leaders in Catholic and other Christian universities need to ask themselves, “What are our core values?”

Then, they need to push out everyone who oppose that core value from university leadership.

Is it important for Christian churches to provide Christian culture for children?


The church should not be a place that children go once a week for 1 hour.  The Christian church should be a place where your children experience Christian culture.

There should be Sunday school.  There should be Friday or Saturday night meeting for teens and youth, so that they have a positive way to spend the weekend, thinking about God and the Bible.

There should be Sunday afternoon programs for kids, so that kids can experience something other than the “streets” or secular culture.

Churches must provide a Christian cultural experience at a regular basis for the children.

There are a lot of negative forces in society and the world, and your children are bombarded by them.  How will your children turn out okay?

It is important for your churches to be dedicated in providing the experience of Christian culture on a regular basis for all the children in the church.