Was President John F. Kennedy bad for America, from a Christian standpoint?


President John F. Kennedy is the worst president in United States history, insofar as Christianity is concerned.

These are what John F. Kennedy did, from a Christian critical thinking vantage point:

(1) John F. Kennedy led the way in taking Christianity out of America’s institutions, such as the LORD’s Prayer and Bible study out of the public school system.

(2) John F. Kennedy encouraged Americans as a people to go away from the Holy Bible, by what he said and did on a day to day work as the president of the United States of America.

(3) John F. Kennedy appointed liberal elites to United States government leadership positions, who will help him to take Christianity out of America.

(4) John F. Kennedy set the tone for liberal direction of Irish Catholics in the United States of America.  Now, most Irish Catholics vote for politicians who support abortion and gay marriage.  This is the anti-Christian legacy of the Kennedy’s as a political clan.

(5) John F. Kennedy’s negative influences even impact Catholic politicians who are in the Republican Party and who are not even Irish.  The liberal direction of all Catholic politicians in the United States of America is due to John F. Kennedy having been the US President.

It was the single greatest unfortunate event in United States history that John F. Kennedy was the President of the United States of America.  John F. Kennedy proves that one man can damage the morality and the historical direction of a whole nation and lead it away from the Holy Bible.

John F. Kennedy proves that it is important to block people from the office of the United States President, who will lead the country away from God.

In the end, God will punish the whole country for electing a President who leads the country away from the Holy Bible.

Irish people should know better than any other nation what it means to be judged by a God of Justice.  In the Potato Famines of Ireland, over 20% of the country died (or had to leave their homeland) because of God’s judgement of the Irish people.

God of the Bible judges, and if you doubt that, read the Book of Revelations in the New Testament and books of Exodus, Joshua, Judges, Isaiah, and Jeremiah in the Old Testament.