Will God punish those who vote for presidential candidates who tolerate homosexuality in America?


Your vote in the ballot box is being watched by the Holy Trinity.

God knows who you are voting for even if you may not think that anybody is watching.  God is always watching.

God is all-knowing.  God is all-seeing.

When you vote for a political candidate on local, state, and federal level who oppose the Word or God, such as supporting gay marriage laws, then you will be punished by God.

God’s punishment of you may take different forms.

God out of His love for you (wanting you to repent and go back to the Bible and supporting political candidates who support the Bible)  may give you breast cancer that He was not going to give you, so that through your suffering through breast cancer, you can see the error of your ways and repent and turn back to God.

The Holy Bible is clear in emphasizing that this is how God works in every people’s life.

So, if you vote for someone who supports gay marriage laws and you are diagnosed with cancer a few months after that, then you can be fairly certain that you are being chastened by God because God loves you and God wants you to become good again.

God is your father, and just as you chasten your children when they are “bad” or “behaves bad” in order to help them become “good”, God is punishing you to help you become good.

Every parent should understand why God will give terminal illness or car accident or some kind of punishment (at different levels) in order to help you become “good” and follow the Bible.

God is your Father.